Sensory Bags for Toddlers


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Easy Sensory Bags for Babies and Toddlers


sensory bags

I have been experimenting with sensory bags lately for my one-year-old and have been pleasantly surprised at how ridiculously EASY they are to make!

For a basic sensory bag, all you have to do is 1) open a plastic bag, 2) squeeze in some cheap hair gel and 3) drop some small items in the bag. That’s it! You can reinforce the zipper seal with some packing tape for added security. The dollar store will be your best friend for this project!

Here are a few ideas for sprucing up your sensory bag and making it even more fun for your little one. Do it yourself or have your little helper give you a hand!

Add a handful of beads.

sensory bag

sensory bag

Put seashells in blue gel for a look that will make you long for the Caribbean.

sensory bag

sensory bag

Mix some body wash with hair gel and throw in a dash of sparkles for some sudsy, sparkly fun. The more you squeeze it, the more bubbly it becomes.

sensory bag

sensory bag

Or see how your little one responds when you give them a sensory bag that glows! (Five-pack of glow sticks also found at the dollar store.)

sensory bag

sensory bag

sensory bag

These are just four quick, easy ways to expand your child’s sense of sight and touch in a fun, non-messy way…do you have any idea how fun it is to squeeze those squishy bags?!

Not only can sensory bags be fun for teeny tiny ones, they can also be helpful for older kids who are always wanting to touch EVERYTHING. Help them make their very own sensory bag and offer it to them when they feel like they need something for their hands. Be sure it’s sealed and reinforced, and provide appropriate supervision for their own safety. I’m thinking about using these sensory bags with some of my very own therapy kiddos. We’ll see how it goes!

If you’re as excited about these sensory bags as I am (and I hope you are!), then come back on Wednesday morning…I will be featuring a round-up of LOTS of different kinds of sensory bags from amazing bloggers around the world. If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss out on the fun!

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